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  • Description

    Wireless models:
    Thickness: 4mm
    Length: 800mm
    Material: Jiaji cloth + rubber
    Width: 300mm
    Power: 10W

    Type: wristband mouse pad
    Material: rubber
    Size: 800*300*5 (mm)

    Lighting design in all four sides of the mouse pad, perfectly match with your mouse and LED keyboards, highlight the atmosphere and put you in a colorful world.
    Designed with a superfine fiber braided material, with a micro-textured and smooth surface, precise navigation and optimize your gaming experience.
    The size of 300x250x3mm will fit perfectly in your office and will offer a perfect movement space.
    Powered by USB, plug and play, no drivers needed, and a one-touch control designed to switch bright colors and turn off, very convenient to use.
    Rubber bottom with matt design, good anti-slip effect, which means it can be placed on the desktop firmly, applies to all types of keyboards and mice.

    Lighting mode:
    1. red
    2. Green
    3. blue
    4. violet
    5. Cyan
    6. yellow
    7. white
    8. Automatically switch to the color order above
    9. fast flash colorful color
    10. colored flash
    11. Disable the backlight

    How to use:

    To switch off simply hold down the button a few seconds down; to change colors and lighting modes, press once; to change the brightness twice quickly, press

    Power: about 0.75 W
    Power: 5 V
    Size: 300x250x3mm / 780x300x4mm / 800x300x4mm / 900x400x4mm
    Note: Due to manual measurement, there may be small discrepancies.


  • Additional information
    Vendor: CHILLY LIFE
    Type: Computer & Office
    Color: A, B, C, D, E, Wireless black
    Size: 800×300×4mm, 350×250×3mm, 900×400mm, 350X250mm, 800X300mm
    SKU: CJJSPBPB00082-A-800×300×4mm
    Weight::  0.664 kg