European And American Fashion Love 26 English Letter Simplicity Necklace
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  • Description

    Product information:
    Treatment Process: Electroplating
    Color: 01 Gold A10017,02 gold B10018,03 gold C10019,04 gold D10020,05 gold E10021,06 gold F10022,07 gold G10023,08 Gold H10024,09 Gold I10025,10 gold J10026,11 gold K10027,12 gold L10028,13 gold M10029,14 gold N10030,15 Gold O10031,16 gold P10032,17 gold Q10033,18 gold R10034,19 gold 10035,20 gold T10036,21 gold U10037,22 gold V10038,23 gold W10039,24 gold X10040,25 gold Y10041,26 gold Z10042,27 silver A10043,28 silver B10044,29 silver C10045,30 silver D10046,31 silver E10047,32 silver F10048,33 silver G10049,34 silver H10050,35 silver I10051,36 silver J10052,37 silver K10053,38 silver L10054,39 silver M10055,40 silver N10056,41 silver O10057,42 silver P10058,43 silver Q10059,44 silver R10060,45 silver 10061,46 silver T10062,47 Silver U10063,48 silver V10064,49 silver W10065,50 silver X10066,51 silver Y10067,52 silver Z10068
    Chain style: water wave chain
    Popular elements: Love/heart
    Circumference: 51cm (inclusive)-80cm (inclusive)
    Applicable people: women
    Modeling: letters/numbers/text
    Style: sweet and cool

    Packing list:
    Necklace *1
    Product Image:
  • Additional information
    Vendor: CHILLY LIFE
    Type: Jewelry & Watches
    Color: 01 Gold A10017, 02 Gold B10018, 03 Gold C10019, 04 Gold D10020, 05 Golden E10021, 06 Gold F10022, 07 Gold G10023, 08 Gold H10024, 09 Gold I10025, 10 Gold J10026, 11 Gold K10027, 12 Gold L10028, 13 Gold M10029, 14 Gold N10030, 15 Gold O10031, 16 Gold P10032, 17 Gold Q10033, 18 Gold R10034, 19 Gold Color 10035, 20 Gold T10036, 21 Gold U10037, 22 Gold V10038, 23 Gold W10039, 24 Gold X10040, 25 Gold Y10041, 26 Gold Z10042, 27 Silver A10043, 28 Silver B10044, 29 Silver C10045, 30 Silver D10046, 31 Silver E10047, 32 Silver F10048, 33 Silver G10049, 34 Silver H10050, 35 Silver I10051, 36 Silver J10052, 37 Silver K10053, 38 Silver L10054, 39 Silver M10055, 40 Silver N10056, 41 Silver O10057, 42 Silver P10058, 43 Silver Q10059, 44 Silver R10060, 45 Silver 10061, 46 Silver T10062, 47 Silver U10063, 48 Silver V10064, 49 Silver W10065, 50 Silver X10066, 51 Silver Y10067, 52 Silver Z10068
    SKU: CJLX198197501AZ
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