Bag Chair Coverit Was Only A Cover, Not A Full Bean BagChair Cushion, Big Round Soft Fluffy PV Velvet Sofa Bed Cover, Living Room Furniture, Lazy Sofa Bed Cover,6ft Dark Grey
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CJJT1590309-60lbs filler
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  • Description

    Perfect for Basement or Living Room

    Comfortable furniture for many occasions

    The versatility of the bean bag makes it a great alternative to sofas, lounge chairs and loveseats. It's perfect whether you're looking for a place to rest, play games, read, study, work or watch a game.

    It's a great addition to your bedroom, living room, dorm, recreation room or any area where you want to relax with family or friends.

    Kids love

    Favorite for overweight people

    Pets Like

    kids trampoline

    Children will use it as a trampoline, and children also like the feeling of being hugged by the sofa

    Favorite for overweight people

    If you are a big girl or a big boy, it allows you to relax your body and you can experience it 360 degrees.

    Pets Like

    This is a very soft sofa cover that pets will jump on without hesitation. Whether it's a dog or a cat.

    Comfortable fabrics

    Comfortable fabrics

    This bean bag cover is made of soft PV fur fabric, comfortable and breathable

    The lid is soft and feels good to the touch.

    You can easily remove the lid for cleaning, just wash the lid with cold water.

    It is very safe to clean with washing machine and dryer, and it is very convenient to use.

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  • Additional information
    Vendor: CHILLY LIFE
    Type: Jewelry
    Color: 60lbs filler, BB180dark grey
    SKU: CJJT1590309-60lbs filler
    Weight::  32.0 kg